Integrated River Management Project

Rivers are diverse ecosystems, both regarding their habitats and species presence. Further, they are characterized by a pronounced connectivity with their surroundings: in the longitudinal dimension from the source to the mouth, laterally with the banks and floodplains, and vertically with the groundwater. Humans have been exploiting rivers for centuries and have reduced the longitudinal connectivity and habitat diversity with dams, weirs and embankments. The research project "Integrated River Management" investigated management measures with which diverse and well-connected rivers can be promoted.
The following two main topics were explored:

  1. Interaction between structural flood protection measures and habitat diversity in rivers;
  2. Effects of impaired longitudinal and lateral connectivity on the diversity and functioning of aquatic communities. One focus was on block ramps and tributary confluences.

Project leaders' team
Roland Fäh (VAW)
Armin Peter (Eawag)
Christoph Scheidegger (WSL)
Anton Schleiss (LCH)

Advisory group
FOEN: Paul Dändliker, Manuel Epprecht, Daniel Hefti, Werner Göggel, Susanne Haertel-Borer, Jean-Pierre Jordan, Stephan Lussi, Olivier Overney, Adrian Schertenleib, Markus Thommen
Cantonal authorities:Joseph Hartmann (GR), Lorenz Jaun (UR), Christophe Joerin (FR), Vinzenz Maurer (BE), Sandro Peduzzi (TI), Jean-Daniel Wicky (FR), Markus Zumsteg (AG),

Steering board
FOEN: Stephan Müller, Erich Staub, Hans Peter Willi
Research institutions: Robert Boes (VAW), Felix Kienast (WSL), Peter Reichert (Eawag), Anton Schleiss (LCH)

Letzte Änderung: 20.07.2018

Project phase


Overview article on the content and structure of the project for download