Watercourse management
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Local river widening

  Rohde, S. (2004). River restoration: Potential and limitations to re-establish riparian landscapes. Assessment & Planning. PhD Thesis. 133 pp. ETH Zurich and WSL Birmensdorf.
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  Detailed specialist report about hydropeaking in german: Synthesebericht Schwall-Sunk 12.7 MB  

Decision making

  Collective planning of hydraulic engineering projects. Manual for participation and decision support in hydraulic engineering projects. Eawag, WSL, LCH-EPFL, VAW-ETHZ, 48 pp.
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  Hostmann M. (2005): Decision Support for River Rehabilitation. Diss. ETH No. 16136.
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Project assessment

  Handbook for evaluating rehabilitation projects in rivers and streams. Publication by the Rhone-Thur project. Eawag, WSL, LCH-EPFL, VAW-ETHZ. 108 pp.
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